Order Information 

Production Time

  • Normal production time is approximately 3-7 working days after art approval and payment received (or credit approved). If your required production time is less than 7 days, we will try our best to meet your requirement, but it is not guaranteed, unless rush fee is charged.
  • 3D subsurface engraving, Sandblasting, Deep Etch and Color filling need additional 3 working days.
  • If a special order or special sample is required, additional production time will be necessary.
  • The above production time is based on to inventory availability. Sometimes it may take additional time based on specifications of individual orders. Please contact Customer Service for a detailed production schedule based on specific needs.
Ordering and Pricing
  • Orders can be placed via fax or email. No verbal orders accepted.
  • Fax: (909) 766-1858
  • Email:
  • All orders are subject to approval and acceptance by Discount Awards.
  • All orders written without pricing will be processed with Discount Awards current pricing.
  • Due to price fluctuations, all prices in catalogs or quoted by sales representatives are subject to change without notice. Current pricing is subject to online pricing at
  • All orders are subject to inventory availability. Discount Awards is not liable for inability to deliver due to inventory shortages. Please contact customer service to confirm availability. 
Sales Tax for Shipments Delivered in California

  • Orders with California shipping destinations are subject to California Sales Tax. To avoid sales tax, distributor’s or their client’s California Resale or Tax Exempt Certificate is required. Please fax documents to (909)766-1858 or e-mail to 

Less Than Minimum quantity

  • The minimum is the first column quantity. For some items, orders less than minimum quantity are allowed.
  • Orders less than minimum quantity will incur a $35.00(net) charge per item. 

Rush Service

  • Rush service charge is in effect if orders requiring less than minimum standard production time.
  • Rush Service Charge: 10% of order or a minimum of $35.00 (net), whichever is greater. 

Order Changes

  • All changes must be received via email or fax. Verbal changes will not be accepted.If art preparations or services are already performed on the order, additional charges may incur.
  • Changes may delay production and shipping. Additional charges may be incurred when changes are made after art preparations or services has started. 

Order Cancellations

  • All cancellations must be received via email or fax.
  • Verbal changes will not be accepted.
  • Our goal is to provide the fastest service possible. Due to the speed of our order fulfillment, all costs incurred prior to receipt of written notification of cancellation will be invoiced.
  • There will be a minimum $50.00(net) charge if an order is cancelled.
  • A 15% restocking charge will be applied for restocking items. 


  • Standard imprinted, custom orders and blank goods may not be returned for credit. 
  • All returns must be authorized. Returns received without a prior return authorization will be denied.

Payment Terms

  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), Wire transfer and company check are accepted.
  • Pre-payment is required for unapproved credit.
  • Net 30 days is subject to credit approval. Pre-payment is required for first 5 purchase orders.
  • We do not ship COD.
  • At the discretion of Discount awards, a finance charge will be added to past due invoices at the highest rate allowed by law. 

Artwork Guidelines and Specifications

  • All artwork should be submitted to via email.
  • When art does not conform to the following guidelines, the hourly rate for art charges is $40.00(net) with a $25.00(net) minimum.

Lasering and Deep Etch Art Requirements

  • Art must be saved in black and white vector line art mode
  • Save as an .EPS, .AI, or .PDF file
  • Send artwork in both outline/curve and text format
  • Attach names of all fonts used in the art file in the e-mail or on a cover sheet
  • Art charges will be incurred for font searching and matching
  • Bold, open, sans serif fonts work best.
  • Minimum of 6 pts. required for font size 

3D Subsurface Laser Engraving Art Requirements

  • Formats accepted: 3D Studio Max, .DWG, .3DS, .OBJ, IGS, and .STL
  • Minimum resolution for JPEG images is 300dpi - provide front, back, left, right, top, and bottom views, if possible 

Sublimation and UV Casting Art Specification

  • Submit high-quality color photos and digital images
  • Exact color matches cannot be guaranteed
  • Minimum 300 dpi at the size of the imprint area 

Art Proofs

  • First 3 email artwork proofs are no charge. All subsequent art proofs are $20.00 (net).
  • Art proofs are provided for all orders.
  • First art proof is sent via email within 1-2 working days after payment received or credit approved.
  • Approval must be received before production will start. Failure to approve proofs in a timely fashion could result in delivery delays, expedited shipping charges and rush order charges. 

Virtual Art

  • Virtuals can be created by the customer on our website. If the customer needs Discount Awards to provide virtuals, the first email virtual is no charge. All subsequent virtuals are $20.00 (net). Virtuals are for conceptional purposes only and do not represent final artwork. 


  • Colorfill is not available on all items and not all colors are available on all items.
  • Colorfill cost: $5.0 (net) for each color each location
  • PMS color matches are not available.
  • Please add 3 working days to normal production time for colorfill process. 

Shipping Information


  • Standard Packaging includes:  blue gift box, black presentation box, bulk packaging and manufacturers original package. Please contact customer service for specific product packaging. 
Shipping and Handling
  • All shipments are F.O.B. Los Angeles, California. Unless shipping methods or instructions are specified, we reserve the right to ship by the most beneficial means of transportation. Standard handling charges per box apply to all shipments, including 3rd party freight arrangements.
  • Complete shipping instructions must accompany each order. Orders will be shipped directly to distributor if “Ship To Address” is NOT provided upon completion of order.
  • Freight carriers charge us for address changes caused by incorrect information on purchase orders. Any fees we incur will be invoiced to distributor after we are notified.
  • Collect, Residential, and Third Party Billing: Any charges refused by or unable to bill to account supplied will be invoiced to the   distributor.
  • Freight Quotes: Estimates for freight may vary as much as 20%
  • Palletizing Fee: Billed at $30(net) per pallet.
  • International Shipments:     
>  In general, we do not make international shipments. But we are glad to help customers to make packing, stick shipping labels and attach shipping documents which are prepared and provided by customers.
> If Discount Awards agrees to make international shipments, minimum charge of $25.00 (net) for each destination will be charged for preparing documents to ship internationally.
>  All prices based on U.S. dollars and do not include tariffs, duties or brokerage fees.
>  Contact name and phone numbers must be provided for all international shipments.
>  For international shipments, the customer must establish declared value on the air bill. The customer is responsible for all taxes, duties, brokerage fees and miscellaneous charges related to the shipment. If the order is shipped via a third party, these fees will be charged to the third-party account. 

  • Drop/Split Shipments:
>  Domestic Drop/Split Shipments: $5.00(net) handling for each destination after the first destination, plus shipping charges.
>  International Drop/Split Shipment: $30.00(net) handling for each destination after the first destination, plus shipping charges.       The cost of 30.00(net) has included the international shipment documents preparing free.
>  Drop/Split shipments include the following: different address same day, same address different dates, or same address different methods. 

  • Additional Charges: Additional charges billed to Discount Awards by carriers due to changes in original shipping agreement will be invoiced to the distributor. This includes, incorrect address charges, inside delivery charges or re-consigned freight and other reasons due to no fault of Discount Awards 
  • Freight terms for all orders are “F.O.B. Los Angeles” with applicable shipping and handling charges to be added to the customer’s invoice. Title to and risk of loss of the goods will be transferred to the customer at the time of pickup by the carrier at which time our responsibility will cease. Discount Awards cannot assume responsibility for time delays in transit.
  • Claims for breakage, delays or loss must be made against the carrier
  • Discount Awards is not responsible to file claims for shipments made under your/or third party carrier account
  • For orders shipped under the Discount Awards account, we must make claims on your behalf within 5 days of receipt of merchandise or 10 days from the date of shipping whichever is earlier.
  • In every instance, it is essential that all original shipping cartons, packing materials, and damaged items be retained by recipient until claim is settled.
  • Claims are not possible if any reshipment has occurred.

 General and Optional Services Charges

  • Setup Charge:  $40.00 (net)
  • 3D setup charge:  $80.00 (net)
  • Repeat Setup Charge (For exactly same artwork):  $25.00 (net)                                                                                                                
  • Resize Setup Charge (Same Artwork, Different Size): $25.00 (net)
  • Running Charges: First location included in price
  • Additional Location Charges: $4.00 (net) each piece for each additional location,plus setup charge $40.00(net) for each additional location
  • Personalization: $5.00 (net) for up to 4 lines of type
  • Color Filling: $5.00 (net) per color per location (PMS color matches are not available.)
  • Rush Charge: 10% of order or a minimum of $35.00(net), whichever is greater
  • Less Than Min. Qty. Charge: $35.00 (net)
  • Plate charge: $4.00 (net)
  • Personalized card insert : $0.50 (net)
  • Generic card inserts: $0.30 (net)
  • Hot Stamping Setup Charge: $40.00 (net) per artwork
  • Hot Stamping Running Charge: $1.00 (net)
  • Virtual Art:  No Charge for first email virtual; All subsequent virtuals are $20(net)
  • Art Proof: No charge for first three proofs; All subsequent art proofs are $20(net)
  • Drop/Split Shipment: $5.00(net) per shipment/location
  • International Shipment Documents Fee: $25.00 (net) per shipment/location
  • Art Charge: No Charge when art conforms to artwork requirement; Hourly rate is $40.00 (net) with a minimum art charge of   $20.00 (net), when art does not conform to artwork requirement. 

Terms and Conditions, Miscellaneous Information

Legal Compliance and Terms Acceptance

Discount Awards accepts your order with the assumption it is in full compliance with all applicable laws. By submitting a purchase order, customer agrees to all the terms and conditions stated in the General Information. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions in a customer’s purchase order, these terms and conditions in the General Information shall control. 

Pricing and Quoting

Due to price fluctuations, all prices in catalogs or quoted by sales representatives are subject to change without notice. Current pricing is subject to online pricing at

Order Acceptance

  • All orders are binding upon Discount Awards only after acceptance by Discount Awards.
  • All orders are accepted subject to these terms and conditions (the “Terms”). If for any reason Discount awards, Inc. cannot meet the required delivery, you will be contacted by a Discount Awards representative.
  • Discount awards will accept no changes to the order unless done so by fax or email and confirmed by Discount awards.
  • If credit terms have not been established, prepayment of the value of the goods must accompany the order.
  • Quotations issued by Discount Awards are for price only and do not guarantee automatic acceptance of order.
  • All orders are subject to inventory availability. Discount Awards is not liable for inability to deliver due to inventory shortages. Please contact customer service to confirm availability.


Prices, terms and conditions, items are subject to change or can be discontinued without notice. 


  • Due to the individual hand development of each piece, uniformity in size, weight, shape and color cannot be guaranteed. All optical crystal and glass items may have small variations which are inherent in the production of glass; shear marks, chill marks, flow lines, small bubbles and seams are unavoidable and are not considered defects.
  • For those optical crystal and glass awards which are glued to the base, please note that the ultraviolet gluing process may unavoidably produce slight bubbles, adhesive striations and other minor distortions. Those are not considered defects. 

  • Claims:

  • Any complaint must be reported within five(5) days of receipt of merchandise or ten (10) days from the date of shipping, whichever is earlier.
Statement of Limited Liability
  • Discount Awards obligations with respect to orders placed and/or products delivered to buyer shall be limited to replacement or repair of defective products which are returned to the appropriate location pointed by Discount Awards, postage pre-paid, within ten (10) days from the date of shipping or, at Discount Awards’ option, to a refund of the amount of the purchase price paid for products returned to Discount Awards within ten (10) days from the date of shipping, without any further obligation or liability on the part of Discount Awards. For replacement shipments, we reserve the right to ship by the most beneficial means of transportation. In general, we ship by UPS Ground. If other specific shipping method is required, the shipping cost should be billed to buyer’s account. Buyer’s sole remedies for liability of any kind with respect to products ordered or furnished by Discount Awards and any other performance by Discount Awards or with respect to buyer’s use thereof, shall be limited to the replacement or repair or refund aforementioned and in no event shall Discount Awards be liable or responsible for incidental, special or consequential damages allegedly caused by a failure to timely deliver products, non-delivery of products or a delivery of defective or nonconforming products. No claim of any kind by buyer, whether as to products delivered, non-delivery of products or other faulty performance by Discount Awards shall exceed the amount of the purchase price received by Discount Awards for the products, and a failure to provide Discount Awards with notice of any claim within ten (10) days from the date of shipping and failure to return such products within said time shall constitute a waiver of all such claims in respect to such products. 

Trademark Statement

The artwork, designs and trademarks imprinted on the products displayed herein are reproduced only as examples of the type and quality of decorated products available. They are not intended to represent that the products are either endorsed by, or produced for the owners of the artwork, design or trademark. 

Copyright Statement

The customer represents and warrants that all the copy or material provided to Discount Awards in connection with any order for products or services, does not violate or infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. Discount Awards assumes no responsibility for determining the proper ownership or proper use of trademarks, trade names, logos or designs. All liabilities of this type are the sole responsibility of the customer. Customer hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Discount Awards from and against all claims, liabilities and expense arising from or related to any actual or alleged infringement or misappropriation of any trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights. 


To the extent not controlled by federal law, all questions concerning these Terms shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California as applied to contracts which are executed and performed entirely within the state. Discount awards and Customer each agree consent to the jurisdiction of any court located in Los Angeles County, California with subject matter jurisdiction thereof, and consents and agrees to the venue of the County of Los Angeles. 


The products are made of glass and are fragile. Please take and place them carefully. Please keep the products at safe places and out of the reach of children. Do not permit children to play with them.

None of the products sold by Discount Awards are considered children’s toys or products by CPSIA and are not subject to the CPSIA regulations. 

California Proposition 65 Warning

Discount Awards works hard to comply with California Proposition 65 as well as other safety measures and environmental procedures. For a plain language explanation of California Proposition 65, please visit:

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